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North Carolina Football Club Talent Featured in NCAA Championship

By NCFC Communications, 11/12/18, 3:15PM EST


CARY, N.C. (November 12, 2018) –On Monday afternoon, the NCAA released the 48-team field for the 2018 NCAA Men’s Soccer DI Championship. The North Carolina Football Club’s footprint on the tournament continues to grow, as 11 teams with nearly 50 players from NCFC Youth, NCFC Youth Academy or NCFC U-23 earned a bid to participate in the tournament. Last season, just seven teams with NCFC representation qualified for the tournament.
Among the 48 schools competing for a national title, schools close to home are among the most accounted for and highest ranked. The state of North Carolina boasts eight qualifying teams and three nationally-seeded teams – both tournament bests. The list includes: No. 1 Wake Forest, No. 3 UNC, No. 5 Duke, NC State, Charlotte, High Point, Campbell and UNC Wilmington. 
The Atlantic Coast Conference also had another impressive season, qualifying a record-tying nine teams into the tournament field.
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Tournament Information
The 48-team field is made up of champions from 24 conferences, who qualified automatically, in addition to 24 teams that were selected at-large. The top 16 teams were seeded and receive first round byes. All first-round games will be played Thursday, Nov. 15, on campus sites, while all second-round action will take place Sunday, Nov. 18. The third round will be played Nov. 24 and 25, while the quarterfinals will be played Nov. 30 or Dec. 1. 
The College Cup will be held Dec. 7 and 9 at Harder Stadium on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara as the championship returns to the West Coast for the first time since 2010. ESPNU will provide live coverage of the semifinals and national championship game.  
Teams with North Carolina Football Club ties:
No 5. UNC (First Round Bye)
Dom Jenson (NCFC Youth Academy)
Jeremy Kelly (NCFC Youth Academy, former first-team player)
Lucas del Rosario (NCFC Youth Academy)
Alex Rose (NCFC Youth Academy)
Alex Comsia (NCFC U-23)
Dominic Jensen (NCFC U-23)
Alex Moztarzadeh (NCFC U-23)
Drew Murphy (NCFC U-23)
John Nelson (NCFC U-23)
David Mejia (NCFC U-23)
Jelani Pieters (NCFC U-23)
No. 6 Duke (First Round Bye)
Colby Agu (NCFC Youth Academy)
Will Pulisic (NCFC U-23)
NC State (vs. Campbell, Nov. 15, 7 p.m.)
Nick Retzlaff (NCFC Youth Academy, NCFC U-23)
Vinnie Durand (NCFC Youth Academy, NCFC U-23)
Harry Adanuty(NCFC Youth Academy)
Jose Morales Jr. (NCFC Youth Academy, NCFC U-23)
Manny Perez (NCFC Youth Academy)
Aidan Foster (NCFC Youth Academy)
Bailey O'Connor (NCFC Youth Academy)
James Orozco (NCFC Youth Academy)
Orlin Roque (NCFC Youth Academy)
Christoph Schuneuwly (NCFC U-23)
Clayton Sparks (NCFC U-23)
Ade Taiwo (NCFC U-23)
UNCW (vs. Furman, Nov. 15, 7 p.m.)
Ryan Cretens (NCFC Youth Academy)
Ben Fisher (NCFC Youth Academy)
Matt Gianfortone (NCFC Youth Academy, NCFC U-23, former first-team player)
Huntley Munn (NCFC Youth Academy)
Dylan Chain (NCFC Youth Academy)
Jamil Gracia (NCFC Youth Academy, NCFC U-23)
Spencer Saunders (NCFC Youth Academy)
Max Groover (NCFC Youth Academy)
Drew Rabil (NCFC Youth Academy)
Charlotte (vs. Georgia State, Nov. 15 7 p.m.)
Maclean Holbrook (NCFC Youth Academy)
Austin Mullins (NCFC Youth Academy)
Delasi Batse (NCFC Youth Academy)
Jeff Petroski (NCFC Youth Academy)
Preston Popp (NCFC Youth Academy)
Dean Rutherford (NCFC U-23)
Campbell (at NC State, Nov. 15, 7 p.m.)
Branden Teller (NCFC Youth)
Jack Donovan (TFCA – now NCFC Youth)
Peter Gilder (NCFC Youth)
No. 3 Kentucky (First Round Bye)
Jackson Hawthorne (NCFC Youth Academy)
RobertScreen (NCFC Youth Academy)
High Point (vs. James Madison, Nov. 15, 7 p.m.)
Ryeong Choi (NCFC U-23)
Princeton (at Michigan, Nov. 15, 7 p.m.)
Alex Charles (NCFC Youth Academy)
LIU Brooklyn (at West Virginia, Nov. 15, 7 p.m.)
Cole Palmer (NCFC Youth Academy)
No. 15 University of Denver (First Round Bye)
William Palmquist (NCFC U-23)