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Take Action! Help The Downtown South Project Become a Reality!

By NCFC Communications, 07/04/19, 2:15PM EDT


Note: Earlier today, we sent our Season Ticket Members, Fans and Supporters the letter below, asking for support in reaching out to Raleigh City Council members and Wake County Commissioners to voice their support for use of Interlocal Funds (tourism tax revenues) to build a 20,000-seat stadium in  a proposed Downtown Raleigh Entertainment District development. We are posting it here for all of you and invite you to reach out to your local elected officials to voice your support. 


Simply scroll to the bottom of the letter and find your elected officials based on your zip code. By clicking on their name, it will open a window with a pre-filled sample email for you to personalize and send. Remember your help is instrumental in making this fantastic project a reality. 



Dear Fans, Supporters and Season Ticket Members,
The North Carolina Football Club is embarking on a transformational project for Raleigh, and we need your support. In partnership with Kane Realty, the North Carolina Football Club has submitted a proposal to use tourism tax revenues (Interlocal Funds) to build a 20,000-seat open-air stadium, which will be the anchor of a new Downtown Raleigh Entertainment District. Located in downtown Raleigh, near the intersection of South Saunders Street and I-40, this district will generate thousands of jobs and create a southern gateway for Raleigh that will be an enormous point of pride for the entire region. 
As a part of North Carolina Football Club, your strong support has helped spur the growth of soccer in the Triangle. While the new stadium and entertainment district will be an extraordinary home for our teams, youth tournaments, and international competitions, this project is about so much more than soccer. The Downtown Raleigh Entertainment District will be a catalyst for growth in Raleigh, attracting tourists and soccer fans from across the region and leaving a lasting impact. The surrounding development will be built with a private investment of $1.9 billion, and will include hotels, restaurants, stores, and housing. The district will include ample green space and public areas and access to the Triangle Greenways.
We are calling on you to take a few minutes of your time to send an email to your local city council member, two at-large city council members (Russ Stephenson and Nicole Stewart), and your county commissioner in support of our efforts using the links below. We encourage you to personalize and modify the email that automatically appears when you click the link corresponding to your council member or county commissioner below.
Please act quickly, as we expect the Raleigh City Council and Wake County Commissioners to vote on the Interlocal Funds within the next month. By sending an email to your local elected officials, you are voicing your support and helping to bring this vision to life. This project will be a game-changer for the City of Raleigh and our entire region. To learn more about the project, click here.

We sincerely appreciate your support, 
Stephen Malik                                                             
Chairman and Owner                                                 
North Carolina Football Club                                      

Note: Click on the City Council member and County Commissioner based on your zip code. This will open a pre-filled email for you to personalize and send. 
Raleigh City Council
Nancy McFarlane (Mayor)

Russ Stephenson (At Large)

Nicole Stewart (At Large)

Dickie Thompson (District A)
Zip Codes: 27615, 27609, 27613, 27612, 27616

David Cox (District B)
Zip Codes: 27614, 27616, 27604, 27610, 27609

Corey Branch (District C)
Zip Codes: 27616, 27604, 27545, 27610, 27529, 27601

Kay Crowder (District D)
Zip Codes: 27606, 27616, 27604, 27545, 27610, 27529, 27601

Stef Mendell (District E)
Zip Codes: 27612, 27607, 27608, 27609, 27613, 27617

Wake County Commissioners
Sig Hutchinson (District 1)
Zip Codes: 27545, 27571, 27587, 27591, 27596, 27597, 27604, 27610, 27616

Matt Calabria (District 2)
Zip Codes: 27501, 27502, 27520, 27526, 27529, 27539, 27540, 27562, 27592, 27603, 27610

Jessica Holmes - Chair (District 3)
Zip Codes: 27502, 27511, 27513, 27519, 27523, 27713

Susan Evans (District 4)
Zip Codes: 27518, 27539, 27606, 27605

James West (District 5)
Zip Codes: 27529, 27545, 27601, 27604, 27605, 27608, 27610

Greg Ford - Vice Chair (District 6)
Zip Codes: 27522, 27587, 27609, 27613, 27614, 27615

Vickie Adamson (District 7)
Zip Codes: 27560, 27607, 27608, 27609, 27612, 27613, 27615, 27617, 27703